Blue Lagoon | Grindavík, Iceland

Blue Lagoon is easily one of the most photographed destinations in Iceland. It's easy accessibility and facilities, make it a hotspot for travelers. We intentionally scheduled our day at Blue Lagoon late in our trip so that we could feel relaxed before we came back home. The geothermal spa is located in a lava field and the water is rich with silica and sulfur. Markus and I spent all morning lounging around in the water soaking up all the good stuff, drinking wine and taking it easy. We chose the premium package and were given two different types of masks, silica mud and algae. So it was a lot of fun swimming around with masks with a bunch of complete strangers. 

Everything about the Blue Lagoon was incredible and amazing and a place that I definitely recommend. If you can spend the whole day there, that would be the best. Also, if you eat a meal there, hand down, the Lava Restaurant is very good. Markus and I had langoustine soup, rib of beef  and Arctic catfish. There wasn't a single bad dish and all three were really delicious. Overall it was one of my favorite experiences in Iceland and a place that I could go to again.