Guesthouse Vellir | Pétursey Mountain, Iceland

After our first day of driving all over the Southern coast of Iceland, we headed toward our accommodations for the night. When I looked at the location on the map, it looked like it was in the middle of nowhere. On the way to the guesthouse, we turned down an isolated dirt road. We drove for what felt like forever, but it was only 15 minutes. It was early in the evening, maybe close to 7 pm. The sun was still out and it would stay that way. During the summer, the sun never really sets and it never gets completely dark.

As we finally approached the Vellir Guesthouse, the beautiful Pétursey Mountain came into view. It reminded me a bit of Ayers Rock in Australia. It wasn't as majestic, but it was still quite stunning. When we checked into our room, we looked out the window and had this magnificent view. The following morning, we couldn't help ourselves and frolicked about before we began another day of exploring.