Markus & the Lonely Duck | Lake District, England 2012

The other day I was going through my photo folders and I found a plethora of unedited UK photos. It was kind of amazing because Markus and I won't be able to go on an international trip this year. It really stinks considering we've traveled somewhere every year for the past nine years. I really shouldn't complain, we've been to some amazing places. I'm really thankful for all the places we've been and hopeful for the places we'll go! So finding these pictures was great because it's like going on a trip to the UK all over again.

As I was editing the photos, I realized something awesome. I had Markus do all sorts of poses and I realized that there was a lone duck in every photo. I couldn't help myself and had to share. Plus, I couldn't resist posting more gorgeous photos of the Lake District. My golly, this place was really like heaven on earth.