Lords Park | Elgin, Illinois

Markus and I currently live in the far west suburbs of Chicagoland in Elgin. It's quite a bit of a drive to the city and it's super suburban. It's not a bad place if you want to raise kids and settle down, but for Markus and I, it's not where we want to be. After living in a city like Busan, I've started to crave the city life. Growing up in Tampa was enough suburbia for me. I've had a lifetime of it and now 'm dying for the city life. 

Despite being in the burbs, there are still some really nice pockets. The other day, Markus and were driving around and we saw Lords Park. It's really close to our house and I've always wanted to visit. For some reason or another, we never stopped. Every time I've wanted to visit, it was in the fall. As we were driving by, I saw that it was completely covered in snow. It was so beautiful and we couldn't help ourselves.

There wasn't a single person at the park and it was wonderful. I spent the whole time frolicking in the snow. It was really peaceful and actually quite beautiful. I'm pretty sure if this was in the city, it would've been overrun with people and kids. It's times like these that I'm okay with temporarily being in the suburbs!