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Seven years ago, Markus and I made our first trip out of the country to London, England. It was a very special trip because it was my first time out of the country and our first time as a married couple. It was one of my favorite trips that we've taken because it was the first, but it was also my number one travel destination.

During that first trip to London, we fit too many places into one day. We went to The Globe Theater, St. Paul's Cathedral and the British Museum. When we arrived at the British Museum, we only had 45 minutes til closing time. We were really gutted and spent those 45 minutes running around like crazy trying to see all the important points. We saw the Rosetta Stone and some mummies. We were really sad because we didn't think we would ever go back to the British Museum, to quote Justin Bieber, "Never say never".  

Gold medal from the London 2012 Summer Olympics
Left: Gold griffin-headed armlet from the Oxus treasure Right: Silver statues from the Oxus treasure
Left: Rectangular Plaques made of sheet gold from the Oxus Treasure  Right: Gold Armlets from the Bronze Age
Left: Egyptian Mummy Right: Egyptian wooden coffin with skeleton
The Lewis Chessmen from Scandanavia
The Lewis Chessmen are made of walrus ivory and whale's teeth.
Engraved Wall
Egyptian sarcophagus
Egyptian sarcophagus
Japanese ivory figurines
Japanese printed illustration

On our UK trip, we spent the final three days in London and spent the morning at the British Museum. We saw all the things we missed last time and more. The British Museum is unlike any museum I've been to and I've been to heaps. There are so many things to see from all over the world. I saw things that I might never see again. It was a fantastic way to begin our short time in London!