The Eagle and Child | Oxford, England | 3 of 4

In honor of the recent release of The Hobbit, I wanted to share our time at The Eagle and Child pub, also commonly known as the Bird and Baby. This Oxford pub is famously known as the meeting place for The Inklings, a literary group comprised of many writers such as J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. They would meet and discuss their unpublished works. My dream was to go to Pemberley and this was where Markus wanted to go. He is an avid fan of Tolkien and his works. Markus is a bit of a hobbit himself and it would only be fitting to have a pint at such a famous place.

The actual pub is quite small, but The Inklings would meet in the back room for privacy. I loved the feel of the place. It was definitely the quintessential British pub, warm and cozy. We sat for about an hour and sampled some local beer. We spent our time at the pub talking and enjoying each other's company, much like The Inkling must have done.