Imaginary Christmas Wishlist

Around this time of year, everyone is creating their Christmas Wishlists. Sure there are things that I want, but what about the things that I want, but can never have? I started thinking about all the things that I would wish for if I could have anything. I think I've created a pretty awesome Imaginary Christmas Wishlist.  Now, if I could only figure out how to make one of these things come true.

Who wouldn't want to own a time traveling machine? I would love to be able to go anywhere in the universe during any time period. Of all the time machines to choose from, the Tardis is by far the best choice. It's a beautiful slick design, it's bigger on the inside and it comes with the Doctor. How can you go wrong with that?

Of all the animals in the world, be it fact or fiction, the panda is my favorite. One Christmas when I was a kid, my mom gave me a stuffed panda. I dragged that lil guy with me everywhere and slept with him every night. Ever since then, I've always wanted a panda. I imagined all the awesome things we would do together, like go down slides, eat lots of bamboo and sit around looking all cute and junk.  

I'm sure that you've figured out that Pride and Prejudice is one of my favorite novels and obviously, Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy is the epitome of a dream man. There's so much to love about him, he's a gentleman, he has an amazing home and he's passionate. I know that initially, he seems cold and distant, but when you get to know him he's a fierce protector of those that he loves. I wouldn't want to marry him, I'm already married to someone amazing, but a date with Mr. Darcy would be a dream.

I'm pretty sure that at first this would be a great idea, but later I would regret it. Old Gregg would turn obsessive, maybe try and steal Markus from me, but I feel like it might be worth it. We could hang out in his cave, do our makeup and paint watercolors. Also, he could  serenade me anytime all while I drink Bailey's from a shoe.

Of all the fictional schools, Hogwarts would definitely be the coolest and most interesting. The facilities alone are worth attending. Who wouldn't want to go to a school with moving staircases, haunted bathrooms and talking paintings? I can't forget to mention the awesome teachers and the coolest kids in all the land. The best part would be the relationships you would form and the experiences you would have.

If you've seen Midnight in Paris, then you know that Paris in the 1920s is a writer's dream. I couldn't even imagine how inspiring the city would be during this time. I've never been to Paris, it's on the Wandering Wishlist, and I'm dying to go. I've heard so many wonderful things about the City of Lights. If I could go during the 1920s, I would sit at a cafe and spend hours writing. Then at night, go out and do the Charleston with the Fitzgeralds and Dali.

Even though Steve Zissou is a bit selfish and not the best leader, he still goes on fantastical adventures. I have a fear of the ocean, so I think the best way to overcome that fear, would be to join Team Zissou. Sure, everyone on the team has issues, but who doesn't? Hunting the jaguar shark would be the greatest of adventures. You've got to admire Zissou's thirst for vengeance. Also, I've always wanted to wear their uniforms. I think they're quite cool.

I remember every weekday afternoon, I would run into the house, so I could catch Sailor Moon. This show was the most important show in my life. My friends and I even picked which scouts we would be. I was Sailor Jupiter and even wore my hair like her for a year. I spent evenings dreaming about Tuxedo Mask and how I could punish people on behalf of the moon. Of all the female super heroes, they were also the hottest.

I feel like this needs no explanation. Who wouldn't want to be bff's with Ron Swanson? He'll be able to teach me how to build things all while eating bacon. Sounds awesome.

I think being around this kind of genius would hopefully rub off on me. I would love to roam the streets of England solving cases. I'm pretty sure he would drive me crazy after five minutes, but that's what happens when you around someone so intelligent.

So, dear readers, that is my Imaginary Christmas Wishlist and I hope you enjoyed it. If you had a list, what would be on yours? Make sure to leave a comment and let me know!