Instagrammin' | August 2012

Sometimes, I don't have a chance to whip out the DSLR and take a photo. Thank goodness my iPod is always easily accessible. I have quite a collection of photos on Instagram and thought that it would be nice to share some of the highlights from each month. I didn't want to start with the beginning of this year, that would be ridiculous. So, I decided August would be the best place to start, especially since it was the month that we went to the UK.

1. Markus and I on our way to England. That day we took seven different modes of transportation and recapped all seven in a series of photos. This was the second photo and when we still looked refreshed and excited.
2. Our first meal in England with James and Ari was oatcakes. They were freaking delicious, a cross between a pancake and a crepe. We stuffed them full of bangers and bacon. 
3. Homemade syrup sponge pudding and custard and a beautiful English garden. It doesn't get more British than this. 
4. Markus probably reading Game of Thrones on his Kindle in the English garden. 

5. I found Anthropolgie in Edinburgh! I haven't been in one for an entire year. Of course, I wanted to buy everything but bought nothing. 
6. The beautiful streets of Edinburgh. I could have walked those streets forever. 
7. The Lake District was like being in a painting. It was unreal. 
8. Being a true Muggle and hanging out at the Ministry of Magic at the Harry Potter Studio Tour. 

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