Creepy Cinema 2012 | Hotties

While devoting the entire month of October to Creepy Cinema, I noticed something about some of the films. In many of them, there is a distinct and obvious hottie. I know this is something that I shouldn't be focusing on while watching scary movies, but it definitley helped keep me interested. It was much easier coping with the help of these hotties.

1. Steve McQueen as Steve Andrews in The Blob
The one and only reason I wanted to watch this movie was because of this beautiful man. As I said in my review of The Blob, I adore Steve McQueen. He's not my normal type but I saw him in another movie with Natalie Wood, Love with the Proper Stranger and it was game over. There's something so rugged and charming about him, he's such a stud. 

2. Anthony Perkins as Norman Bates in Psycho
This was one of the most surprising hotties on the list. I knew the character Norman Bates, but I had no idea he was like this. I loved his character because he was so innocent and unsuspecting. Norman is such an intricate character with so many facets. One minute he's innocent and sweet, and the next he's dressed like a crazy lady. It's an amazing performance to watch. 

3. Johnny Depp as Ichabod Crane in Sleepy Hollow
I'm sure it comes as no surprise that this gorgeous man is on this list. Johnny Depp is the my epitome. I've always loved him and always thought he was an amazing actor. His performance in this movie is one of his stand out roles and one that I will always enjoy. Also, the 19th century garb isn't too shabby. Something about this era always gets to me. 

4. Michael J. Fox as Frank Bannister in The Frighteners
Michael J. Fox is one of those actors that everyone loves. This kid is a legend in the industry and I really miss seeing him in films. At least he's made some real winners during his career. That being said, I now have the sudden urge to watch Back to the Future. Oh, who am I kidding, I always have the urge to watch Back to the Future.

5. Daniel Radcliffe as Arthur Kipps in The Woman in Black 
This was another huge surprise for me. I'm 100% a Ron Weasley fan. Ronald is so much better than Harry. I know that Harry is the chosen one and all that, but how can you resist an adorable ginger? I've always been a bit hard on Daniel Radcliffe, but in this movie he really impressed me. He was pretty good and he really broke away from his well known role.

6. Justin Long as Darry Jenner in Jeepers Creepers
Who knew that's what he looked like under all the clothes? I mean, wow. I never would've thought it. His character in this movie was annoying, but he's still nice to look at. Justin Long you are a bonafide hottie. 

7. Peter Cushing as John Banning in The Mummy
Even though he's a bit older, he's a distinguished hottie. Look at that face. It's so expressive and intense. He's every bit what I imagine a 19th century English aristocrat would look like. Plus, check out those baby blues. My golly, they are piercing. 

8. Casper Van Dien as Brom Van Brunt in Sleepy Hollow 
Oh Casper Van Dien, how I used to love you. He was so hot in Starship Troopers. I was so excited to see him in Sleepy Hollow. He looked good in the 19th century clothing, weird mullet cut and all. I wonder whatever happened to him. 

9. Harold Ramis as Egon Spengler in Ghostbusters 
Another surprise hottie. Wow, Egon Spengler you are a geeky girls dream. He looks like a really nerdy Adrien Brody, who is also freaking attractive by the way. All the science jargon just added to his hotness. There's nothing sexier than intelligence. 

10. Eduardo Noriega as Jacinto in The Devil's Backbone 
Man, this guy was such a villain and a douche, but he was so cute. The minute he appeared, I knew he was bad news. He just seemed like a creeper. So I guess he's a creepy hottie. Wow, that just sounds really strange. Forget I said that. 

Honorable Mention - Johnny Depp as Edward in Edward Scissorhands
Oh Edward, how I love thee. This is where my love of Johnny Depp began. Yes, I thought he was a hottie even with multiple scars, a pale face and scissors for hands. I told you guys I was a weird kid. Edward will always have a special place in my heart. 

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