lovecrumbs │ Edinburgh, Scotland

The afternoon we decided to throw the itinerary out the window we came across lovecrumbs, an amazing cake shop. It was the epitome of my dream place to write and brainstorm. Inside there was a hodgepodge of chairs and tables. Nothing really matched, yet everything seemed to go together. It was very rustic and homey. We spent at least two hours there talking and enjoying the company of good friends. 

Markus ordered a peach and blue cheese scone with a cappuccino. I ordered a slice of Vicky Sponge cake and an Elderflower presse. Everything was so delicious. The scone was a bit of a revelation for me. I love scones. I've only had sweet scones, so a scone that mixed savory and sweet was even better. I've never eaten Vicky Sponge cake and  so this was my introduction to this quintessential British treat. The tartness of the raspberry jam, sweetness of the cream and fluffiness of the sponge cake was amazing.

In Korea, we have lots of cafes and sweet shops, but everything always feels a bit cutesy. Lovecrumbs was cute, but in a different way. It was eccentric and whimsical and absolute perfection.