Calton Hill │ Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh has many amazing sights, but my absolute favorite place was Calton Hill. When I first read about Calton Hill, I thought it would be far away from the city and a lengthy hike. I was completely wrong. It's only a 15 minute walk from the city. The views are absolutely breathtaking. On one side is the city and on the other is Arthur's Seat. We weren't able to hike up Arthur's Seat and it was our biggest regret. The chance to say we visited Camelot passed us by, but there's always next time!

There are some really wonderful monuments and lots of places to relax on Calton Hill. If we had more time, I'm sure we would've packed a lunch and spent hours lazing about. That's one thing that Florida lacks. The weather is always so hot and humid that it's hard to go out and have a picnic. It's possible, but if you want to be comfortable you can only do it for a short time. In Edinburgh, the weather was perfect. I hear such horrible things about the weather, but while we were there it only rained one night and every other day it was beautiful. It was cool and sunny and perfect for exploring.